Juli reminds you: May day is approaching, please enjoy! Julie guards your home

Time:2019-04-28 12:00:00

The footsteps of May 1 are getting closer

It's another rare little holiday!

Have you planned for the May Day holiday?

Come on~

/Thousands of "plans" are not as good

Follow the direction of my heart/

You can cross the mountains and the sea

You can also cross the sea of people

You can put everything down temporarily

Forget yourself in the plumes of smoke

Thousands of plans

It's better to follow the direction of my heart

What is your first perception when you hear the word Xiaolong Holiday? Is it the pleasure brought by the abundance of time control or the "fear of fear" brought about by crowded travel? It is difficult to find time to do what you want to do in the busy time of life. Now you have a small holiday on May 1, what will you do?

During the May Day holiday, we are all tiger-fighting heroes who know that there are tigers in the mountains and go to the mountains. Knowing that everyone is everywhere, but I can't stop the desire to play. After all, with such a long vacation, who is willing to stay at home? So since you have to go out to play, do you worry about burglary? How can we effectively avoid the occurrence of burglary cases?

/Thousands of plans have

Juli smart lock guards your home/

Juli smart lock protects the safety of your home

Let you travel with peace of mind,

Enjoy the wonderful holiday time

C-level anti-theft, safe and worry-free on May 1st

Locks were born to prevent theft, but traditional door locks have poor anti-theft performance. Thieves specialize in old door locks, because most users in old communities are still using extremely insecure Class A locks, which can take a few seconds. Easy to be opened by a thief, Juli smart lock uses a C-level electronic anti-theft lock cylinder. As long as the door lock is opened illegally, for example, when the thief inserts an iron piece, wire or so-called "master key" into the lock hole, the system will The electronic lock cylinder is automatically closed and completely locked, and at the same time, a safety warning prompt is sent to the user to stop the thief from the root cause to unlock the lock through technology.

Live identification, keep the thief out of the door

In addition to security, smart locks are also extremely convenient. Juli smart locks can be unlocked with cards, passwords, fingerprints, mechanical keys, and can also be equipped with remote control, App, and Bluetooth, which is convenient and quick. What's more intimate is that Juli smart lock adopts the form of anti-peeping fake password, and the safety factor is impeccable.

Real-time monitoring, peace of mind to play

In order to prevent the door cannot be opened due to power failure, the smart lock must reserve a mechanical emergency key. The problem is coming again. What if a thief wants to unlock the mechanical lock core or directly pick the lock during May 1st, so as to enter the house? Don’t worry, Juli smart lock has an anti-pry alarm function, which means there is a thief. When picking the lock, an alarm will sound immediately at the scene, and will automatically alarm you remotely through the mobile phone APP. 24-hour real-time monitoring will ensure the safety of your property and let you play with peace of mind on May Day.

Installing a smart lock that can remotely monitor, remotely alarm, and protect the home is a safe choice. Give the Wuyijia to Juli Smart Lock, you can rest assured to play!

Juli Smart Lock

Protect your beloved home safety

May Day is approaching

Stop in a hurry and embrace nature;

Rest your tired body and get your health back;

Relieve the pressure of work and gather friends and family together;

Work and action, joy and happiness!

Juli Smart Lock wishes everyone