Fingerprint password lock

Time:2015-04-22 12:00:00

The Internet age is an era where madness and rationality coexist. Crazy people are frantically pursuing technology, products, and prices. On the other hand, a group of rational people make rational arrangements for technology, products, and prices. The current smart lock industry is going through such a process. Why does a fingerprint lock that cost more than 1,000 yuan cost thousands or even tens of thousands yuan to the user? Who ate the cheese of the smart door lock? Crazy market prices deviate from the price-performance ratio   At present, smart door locks are still a huge profit in the market, because huge profits also affect sales. How much is a better smart door lock worth? Recently, I visited several domestic smart door lock manufacturers and several smart door lock retailers, and the results were unexpected. The ex-factory price of an ordinary induction lock door lock is between 500/800, and the ex-factory price of a tall fingerprint lock is only about 2,000 yuan. The price of an imported brand to Hong Kong is only about two thousand yuan. These products cost thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan when they reach users. Is this kind of profiteering so capricious?  

Who has eaten the cheese of smart door locks? The existence of such profitable products as smart locks in this Internet age is indeed a joke. Who has eaten the cheese of smart lock? We can analyze it from the price cost of the product: the price of the product = the ex-factory price, the profit of the middleman, the cost of service. It can be seen from this that the manufacturer or middleman may have eaten the cheese. It can be said that the high price of smart door locks is because manufacturers or middlemen have made too much profit. Why do we have to make such an inflated price, which violates the price law of the market? The foreign brand smart lock complex conceals the nature of price. Some Chinese have different degrees of foreign brand complex. This is mainly because our own products do not demand quality but quantity, imitate but not design, only seek marketing but not quality, and value middlemen Ignore the user experience. The quality of foreign brands is relatively stable, but the price is extremely high, and the cost performance is very low. In fact, the foreign brands of smart locks are not outstanding. There are many problems in appearance, performance, convenience, and price. Especially at such a price, only Chinese people can sell it. The same product is at least 50% more domestic than abroad. 200% of the price. When will the rational consumption of Chinese people be restored? Recently, it can be seen from the PK between Juli fingerprint code locks and foreign brands that it is not difficult for smart lock brands to defeat foreign brands. The difficulty lies in your thinking mode.   The hypocritical price system will destroy the development prospect of smart locks. The high price system of smart locks will be very harmful to China's lock industry and will affect the development of the industry. Because the profit generated by this high price is not used for technological innovation, quality improvement, function improvement, and cost control, most of it is used for marketing and intermediate links. The inflated price system ruined the integrity of the merchants, and users have no stickiness to the product. The subsequent development difficulties will become greater and greater.

   The long-term, healthy and sustainable development of an industry depends on the social norms of the industry. This is an environment with the lowest cost and the fastest development. A brand problem can easily affect the industry and will be expanded to an industry problem, and an industry problem will soon be expanded to a national problem. Of course, good products affect not only the industry, but the quality and dignity of the entire nation. In a regulated environment, the operating cost of an enterprise must be the lowest. Today, when the Internet thinking model is king, companies represented by Juli fingerprint password locks have begun their efforts for several years.  

First, Juli fingerprint password lock user thinking: take the user's needs as the starting point, and use the force on the user's pain point. The design team of Juli fingerprint code locks used the three years of development of Juli fingerprint code locks to create: the perfect combination of "mechanical anti-theft and intelligent anti-theft", which effectively solved the three pain points of users: difficult key authorization, difficult anti-theft, It is difficult to unlock from a long distance. This is an innovation in the lock industry, and this innovation will soon become a benefit for users. 

Second, the ultimate thinking of Juli fingerprint password lock: to provide the ultimate product, the ultimate service, and increase the user's viscosity.   The one-button design of the Juli fingerprint code lock achieves the ultimate in appearance, structure and performance. The combination of "appearance design, structural design, software and hardware design" will be called the industry model. As long as people who have seen the product will like it, those who have used the product cannot do without the Juli fingerprint code lock.  

Third, Juli fingerprint password lock spurns falsehood: high cost performance is the principle, and intelligent welfare is available to the people. The high cost performance of Juli fingerprint password lock is clear at a glance, and the realization of "safe docking and high cost performance": safety, brief introduction, aesthetics, convenience, and powerful functions are all integrated, and the price is only 1780 yuan, which is equivalent to a better quality than him. Want a lower price for all mechanical anti-theft door locks.   How much the smart lock is worth as before, people have different opinions. However, in the Internet today, information is highly transparent, and any deceitful behavior will end up paying for itself, but it will still affect the peers somewhat. Every smart lock company puts user thinking in the first place, through innovation, to make smart locks with high value, high quality and cost-effectiveness. China's hope lies in everyone.  

Juli is focusing on home smart security products. Its smart lock series products have passed national inspections and multiple certifications at home and abroad. Today's society is a world of rapid development of smart science and technology, and smart products such as smart TVs, smart phones, and smart cars are ubiquitous. The modern home life concept of safety, convenience, efficiency and simplicity also makes consumers almost strict in the choice of home smart door locks. The times make heroes, and the Juli fingerprint code lock, which has always adhered to strict quality inspection standards and innovative technical capabilities, has become a representative of advanced technology.  

Juli fingerprint code locks began to focus on integrating resources in the field of home smart security, setting off a storm of popularization of Juli fingerprint code locks, and striving to achieve low prices and good quality. In terms of materials, based on product durability considerations, high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy are selected; in terms of pricing, low-price and high-quality stainless steel series are launched. In terms of installation, Juli's fingerprint code lock was considered at the beginning of its development. The patented four-in-one lock can be used for both inside and outside, left and right, and can be easily installed on more than 80% of the national standard anti-theft doors. It is called the "most close to the people" initiative by the industry. Not only makes Juli famous all over the country, but also allows more consumers to enjoy the safety and convenience brought by smart locks.  

Powerful technology escort Juli fingerprint password lock is highly praised in the industry because of its innovative and powerful functions. Among them, the fingerprint recognition function comes from the most authoritative biometric research center. This brings together domestic and foreign fingerprint algorithm experts and has a unique fingerprint algorithm. Core technology: The realization of functions depends on the performance of Intel's electronic chips. Juli fingerprint password lock has a dedicated electronic research and development team, which lays the foundation for the smart chip processing system to be more efficient and accurate. It also makes the stability of Juli fingerprint password lock rare in the industry. In order to ensure product quality, Juli fingerprint password lock factory has passed dozens of intelligent inspections such as electronic instrument test, multi-function test, anti-static test, diagonal tongue life test and impact test before leaving the factory. The ever-increasing and changing demands of the market urge manufacturers to introduce new technologies. In the near future, Juli will continue to introduce more advanced, convenient and user-friendly smart locks, leading the smart lock industry brand to bring people to a new life of smart technology.